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2021-22 Regular Season Schedules Now Posted

The regular season schedules for each division have now been posted. 

Your respective assocoation delegates have been notified and you should receive a communication from them shortly. 

We tried to maintain a certain number of regular season games for all divisions as these games count towards the game cap. All teams should play between 24-26 games based on division size and season structure. 

Deadline to complete regular season is February 6th (exception U13-B, Feb 13th). 

Playoff/Provincial Qualifying format is currently TBD but should be determined at our next league meeting. 

For transparency, each division will play the following number of regular season games

  • U11-AA: 24 games
  • U11-A: 24 games
  • U11-B: 24 games
  • U13-AAA: 28 games
  • U13-AA: 24 games
  • U13-A: 25 games
  • U13-B: 26 games
  • U15-AA: 24 games
  • U15-A: 24 games
  • U15-B: 24 games
  • U18-AA: 24 games
  • U18-A: 24 games

Good luck to all teams this season!

Oct 29, 2021

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